This is a place where a new Oaklander shares ideas about eating local, sometimes eating from an urban garden, sometimes having noteworthy experiences in an urban garden, regular trips to the farmers market, cooking in a tiny kitchen, sometimes eating out, and the occasional great bottle of wine.

The purpose is to add my voice to the many Bay Area locals who are making locavore work.  I’ll warn you, I’m not a purist, and I’ll not even define local, but I hate waste and love people.  I save zip lock bags, rescue lettuce from the Lucky’s dumpster, share chickens with my neighbors and love an impromptu covered dish.

You’re invited to comment, dispute, approve, answer my questions and ask your own.  Can’t wait to hear from you!

Peace and Grace,

Betsy J.


5 Responses to “A blog about a kitchen and a garden in Oakland”

  1. Evelyn said

    So, what is a local meal for the Oaklander’s?? Okra involved?

  2. any suggestion for ways to deal with oakland cucumber bugs aka Celatoria diabroticae. or “green ladybugs”. lost about 25% of my bean leaves to them. soap spray slows them down a little bit but have gone thru a quart of that for just 4 big plants in a week.

    other north oakland people have same problem.

    -len raphael

    • betsyj said

      Hi Len,
      We haven’t had any Oakland cucumber bugs yet, but there must be a plant they don’t like out there. I’ll ask around and see what our gardeners are doing….thanks and happy Oakland gardening!

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