Good Fruit

October 2, 2012

Jam Classes

Recently I’ve been teaching two wonderful women, Oo Mei and Klaw Mei, how to preserve local fruit. My hope is to share some skills, some conversation and some quality time in the kitchen with these Karenni refugees from Burma.

Our test batches are currently for sale as available.  Proceeds from the jams help to buy more supplies for future classes and also provide the women a little bit of income for their labor.  If you’d like to purchase some of our jars, just contact me at betsy(at)

Current Inventory:

8oz Jars, $8/Jar
-Apple Butter
-Meyer Lemon Marmalade
-NEW! Spiced Pear & Lemon Marmalade

Donate Fruit:

We are always looking for local sources of fruit for our jams and marmalades. We especially love berries and citrus.  Sometimes we are available to harvest the fruit ourselves.  If you live in the Oakland area and would like to donate fruit to our jam classes, please email me at betsy(at)

Our labels are hand drawn on recycled paper bags.


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