Plum Good

July 15, 2010

Plum sauce.

Where I grew up, people use the word “plum” to add authenticity or credibility to a statement.  “Well, that’s just plum crazy.”  Or, “this pie is plum delicious.”  That is to say, “this pie is nothing but delicious; that is the only word to acurately describe this pie.”

Well after spending a good 10 hours in the kitchen with 10+ pounds of plums, I can say I’m begining to understand.  There’s just nothing like a plum.

How did I get all those plums?  Greedy smurf.  I stopped by a friends house on a visit to Monterey.  Poor friend, she was out of town while her plum tree just dropped pounds of fruit a day into her drive way.  Well, I couldn’t let her come home to a plum purple drive way!  I’ll take home a few for snacks…..

10 lbs later, I took home a “few,” and googled, “what to do with all these plums.”

Plum Jam!  Hunting the perfect youtube teacher, I found a few videos of “how to’s” for plum jam.  The first was a short film in a nice sunny kitchen including the ingredients I had on hand:  plums and sugar.  I had to laugh at her plum jam experience.  The electric mixer breaks, the jam pours over the edges of the jar.  Now that’s what my kitchen experiments usually look like.  However, when  tried her recipe, it turned into plum sauce.  I’m looking forward to plum sauce on vanilla ice cream, but I was hoping for jam.

My second youtube teacher came from Under the Tuscan Gun.  Her plum trees look just like mine, and yes it took her just as long to pit all those plums.  This batch turned about much better, thickened like a decent marmalade, and is amazing on a baguette.  I’ll let Debi’s Italian mother-in-law teach you instead of explain what I attempted to do.  I did add the juice of 2 back yard lemons to Nona’s recipe, I like my jams tart. 

Red plums, they are cherry size.

The most time intensive part is cutting up the plums!


Plum jam bubbling on the stove.

Jars of Plum Jam

Even after two batches, I still have a good pound of plums left.  They are headed for the dehydrator and future trail mix.


2 Responses to “Plum Good”

  1. Jackie said

    Glad you could make use of the plums 🙂 I’ve already processed about 40+ pounds this year. I think I’m done with the plums…at least in terms of human food. I just froze some to save for the chickens. They love them, except for the peels. You are right, pitting them is definitely the hardest part. Unfortunately, they are too big to fit in my cherry pitter. But after a couple thousand, I’ve gotten pretty good with the knife.

  2. Lisa said

    I don’t know if you’re still keeping this blog or not… I make plum jam with whole unpitted plums. I scoop the pits out after cooking, which is super easy.

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