Low Country Cooking and Oakland Coleslaw

July 1, 2010

Summer is in full swing and so is our CSA and our travel schedule!  We just returned from Charleston, SC, where we enjoyed the bounty from two farms.  My parents are members of Pinkney’s Produce CSA, who loaded them up with extra watermelon and corn when they stopped by the farm on the way to the beach.  Our family very much appreciated their generosity!  My sister and her husband are a member of Ambrose Family Farm CSA and they came every day with loads of basil, squash, potatoes, and eggplants.  We were doing such a good job of relaxing, I didn’t have a chance to recap every meal, but here are a few highlights from our low-country kitchen.  Follow the link for the recipes: 

Katie’s Eggplant Parma, a recipe from the Joy of Cooking

Mom’s Watermelon and Feta Salad

Low Country Boil

Corn, Tomato and Black-eyed Pea Salsa 

I also have to recommend our one night out at the Brick House Kitchen

the Brick House, during renovations

  A charming restaurant on Folly Road, set in an early 19th century home under enormous live oaks behind a long red fence, this family run business features local, seasonal fare and manages their own compost in the back yard!  We loved the shrimp and angel hair pasta, the soft shell crab, and the decadent chocolate pot!  We were also assured by a fellow diner that the Wahoo was pulled out of the Atlantic that morning.  As far as I can see no website yet (they are just 3 months old) but they’re easy to find on Facebook.  

And of course, I must admit to a $0.75 chili dog form Bert’s on Folly Beach and a delicious Fallafel Crepe from Tokyo Crepes.  

We returned to Oakland just in time to pick up our own CSA box, this time full of basil, onions, garlic, spinach, potatoes, carrots, green beans and a lovely head of cabbage.  Craving something cool and crunchy, I whipped up this dependable coleslaw for a picnic lunch at Funk Town.  I could have used some of the halapenos from my sister’s box back in Charleston and it could rival Bake Sale Betty.  

Simple Summer Coleslaw: 

One medium head of cabbage, shredded (our box had Farao cabbage)
One large carrot, cut into thin strips (our box had Nelson carrots)
Three small onions (our box had mini purplettes)
3 tbs sugar
¼ cup olive oil (spicy Bear Paw EVOO, Grand Lake Farmers Market)
¼ cup vinegar (I used a combination of red wine vinegar and raw apple cider vinegar) 

Crunchy coleslaw

Toss all ingredients together in a big bowl and store in the fridge till you’re ready to serve.  It was the only thing my girlfriend, suffering from a queasy first trimester, could stomach at our picnic.  Better than 



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