a FRESH success!

March 15, 2010

Thanks to everyone who helped make FRESH the movie happen in Oakland on Saturday!  If you missed the event, or skipped on all the paper, download a PDF of the brochure with contact info for participating exhibitors and tips on buying, growing, and eating local food.

Some highlights of the event were:

Incredible Mexican Food! Leticia, the owner of Taco Grill, donated all the proceeds of her sales to our cause of the night, subsidizing Grub Boxes for low-income families through People’s Grocery.  Did you know that her tacos, sopes, casadillas and all her food is make from organically grown and locally sourced produce, even the meat, cheese and eggs!  What an amazing opperation.  Please visit her restaurant in Fruitvale, 3340 E 12th St. right accross from the BART station. http://taco-grill.blogspot.com/

Three Fabulous CSAs are waiting for you to join!
Shooting Star:  Lily and Matt were there to show us how they grow organic produce in  Fairfield, just 40 miles from the Bay Area.  Visit their brand new website and sign up online: http://www.shootingstarcsa.com/Shooting_Star_CSA/Join_our_CSA.html
EatWellFarms: Morgan brought samples of their amazing pastured eggs, which are available in their CSA boxes.  Sign up online at http://eatwell.com/community/apform.html and be sure to use the promocode FRESH10 to save $17!
FarmFreshtoYou: Richard from Farm Fresh to You showed us the amazing variety and flexibility of their home delivery CSA.  Email Richard to get that $10 voucher and sign up for a CSA box.  richard.farmfresh@gmail.com

Sai from Star Apple Edible Gardens was there to show us how he can turn your back yard into an edible oasis.  A big thanks to Sai for volunteering to turn Funk Town Farm in to a high producing urban wonderland, we can’t wait to see the transformation!  Visit their new website at http://www.starappleediblegardens.com/

And Jon from Earthbox also showed those of us who are apartment bound how to grow food without a yard.  To find out how to get started, email Jon jondeme@hotmail.com.  What a great neighbor!

All the art work from the show DIGEST is still available for purchase, including those $10 original prints by Benjamin Chan.  Proceeds for Ben’s prints still go to People’s Grocery, only 60 prints made, all are signed.  Contact Dave Kim, daveyoungkim@gmail.com for details or stop by Regeneration Church on Sundays 8am-11am or 5pm-9pm.

An amazing panel of food justice activists joined us from Mandela Foods, Phat Beets Produce and People’s Grocery. Like Nikki said, don’t forget to stop by Mandela Grocery and for groceries next time you head to the West Oakland Bart.

Mandela Foods Cooperative
1430 Seventh Street
Oakland, CA 94607

Monday-Friday 7am-7pm
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 10am-4pm

Finally, if you helped support us by posting a flyer, stop back in the business, thank them for their support and take the flyer down.  We hope they keep supporting community events like ours!


One Response to “a FRESH success!”

  1. Dawn Hawk said


    What a wonderful event! Fabulous concept and so many local resources to be inspired by. There were several folks from the 17Y Bella Vista NCPC in attendance. Thank you!


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