Eat More Chocolate

January 20, 2010

This year, my new years resolution is to eat more chocolate.

Ok, I’m actually concerned with getting more calcium, so the problem I am solving with this scenario is to drink more milk. The actual problem being I don’t really like milk.

Except in certain circumstances, one of those being with a good piece of chocolate.

So, I resolve to have dessert after LUNCH. With a small piece of chocolate and a tall glass of milk. According to the standard recomendation, this will give me 2/3rds of my daily calcium. I’ll need to add 1 cup of yogurt to breakfast or a serving of cheese and spinach for dinner.

To get the most out of the chococlate, I’m looking for dark chocolate, at least 60% cacao, in hopes of getting a little anti-oxident power from it. Because chocolate is not grown in California (please tel me if you know a source!) I’ll try to negate the negative impacts of purchasing an imported product by choosing an organic and/or fairtrade product.

Today, I enjoyed a small square (about a tenth of this chocolate bar) of Dagoba Organic Xocolatl, 74% cacao with little bits of chilies. They so small that the “heat” is very mild, but it adds a lovely texture and interesting layor of flavor. Quite frankly, the bit of heat balances the sweetness so that you don’t really need a glass of milk, but does still make the milk taste better.

Xocolatl (show-coe-LAHT-l) is believed to be the Nahuatl word for chocolate or hot chocolate.  Nahuatl was the trade language of the Aztecs and Mayans in Southern Mexico and Central America. 

Best part about this Dagoba is that I bought from Pharmaca it with a coupon from the EcoMetro guide. If you live in Oakland and havn’t gotten an EcoMetro, then it needs to happen. They are $20, and include tons of coupons for restaurant, grocery, museum, bike stores and even home goods. We got ours while making a purchase at Habitat Restore – it has a $20 coupon for Restore (with a $100 purchase) , so we practically got it for free!  We have used it to visit lots of indpendant businesses and explore the different neighborhoods of Oakland.  There is also a coupon for Bittersweet Cafe, another great Oakland chocolate source.

Today’s milk is Trader Joe’s Organic, 2%, Vitamin A & D, “Produced on California’s North Coast.”

Trader Joe’s private labels its milks, yogurts and cheese buy buying from local producers in different parts of the country. I am on a hunt to find out the actual producer of my Trader Joe’s milk, if anyone has info, please let me know!  What I don’t like about this product is the plastic carton.  Yes, it’s recyclable, but it’s also plastic.


5 Responses to “Eat More Chocolate”

  1. Jackie said

    One tenth of that bar?! Are you kidding me? I’d have to eat the whole thing 🙂

  2. betsyj said

    Haha, yes it requires a bit of restraint. Filling up on that glass of milk is crucial. So is wrapping up the candy bar and putting it away before you start eating it! Good chocolate is also expensive, so the frugalist in me wants it to last forever…

  3. mom said

    Her father remembers that Betsy still has chocolate saved from the 3rd grade.

  4. mom said

    Mom says she spent the money;-) But the chocolate is still there.

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