Sweet Morning Potatoes

January 19, 2010

Sunday morning I grabbed two potatoes from the straw basket of our California Cooler.  Though one had a slightly richer purple skin, they seemed to both be sweet potatoes.  Two friends were coming over to share brunch with yes (yeah!) but we needed to suplement our usual grits and eggs with something that would help the meal feed four people.

We were out of plain white potatoes, but I’ve made breakfast hashbrowns with sweet ones before, so I started dicing up what we had.  But what we had was to very different roots!  One a soft, oily, rich orange potato that looked good enough to eat raw.  The other a purple skin with a dry, starchy white flesh that seemed to tear under my knife instead of allow itself to be sliced.  (Yes, I should probably sharpen my knife.) 

Both were full of natural sugar, sweeter than anything I’ve ever pan fried.  But there they were and there was the door bell, so heat the skillet and here we go!

Breakfast potatoes are a simple thing I used to think was a restaurant specialty.  Then I learned just how simple it is to dice a potato and brown it in a cast iron skillet.  Though I was using sweet potatoes, I still wanted a savory dish, so I used black pepper and cummin to tone down the sweet taters.  Here’s the recipe for rainbow breakfast potatoes potatoes:

1 purple skinned sweet potato (probably a japanese sweet potato)
1 tradional sweet potato (probably the american yam)
1 tbl spoon vegetable oil
1 -2 tea spoons cumin
1 shallot, diced
salt and pepper to taste

Cube the potatoes into small squares and set aside.  In a skillet, heat vegetable oil and sautee the diced shallot until tender.  Add 1 tsp cumin to the hot pan and stir to allow it to infuse the oil and the onions.  Then add the potatoes, stir to coat in oil.  Reduce heat and cover for 2 to 3 minutes, to allow the potatoes to cook.  Bring the heat to high, sprinkle some more cummin on them, and continue to sautee until the pieces are browned and tender.

Note.  The Yam is very soft and will begin to get mushy quickly.  I didn’t think this was a big deal, it seemed to hold the other pieces of sweet potato together.  However, if you want a more dry potato dish, skip the orange yams and just do firm, dry sweet potatoes. 

My potatoes were from David Little at Little Organic Farms.  Dry farmed, organic, $2.50/lb.  Grand Lake Farmers Market.

Also served:  Eggs (courtesy my Cocky chicken at Funk Town)
and Grits (courtesy Lucky’s grocery store, 5 minute quick grits.  We need to track down the guys at Jimmy’s Cracked Corn to get more local yellow grits.)


2 Responses to “Sweet Morning Potatoes”

  1. Love this idea. Here’s another one. Sometime try boiling some of those Japanese sweet potatoes till they are soft. Then, mash em up with some butter. Then, make some little flat patties out of them and fry em up in some olive oil till they are crisp. They are actually great with morning eggs. Also good at dinner with some grilled lamb chops. YUM.

    • betsyj said

      I just found a recipe for Japanese Sweet Potato Cakes that looks delicious! I’ll try your suggestion with the last two I have, sounds easy. Thanks for the tip!

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