Twisted Rainbow Carrots

January 9, 2010

Cuddling rainbow carrots

Today, I watched a chicken lay an egg (then stole it).  I also weeded the rainbow carrot bed with a friend.  Good conversation can arise when two people sit on the edge of a raised bed and pick through a sea of carrot greens, with sweet interruptions of “hey look at this!”

My good friend and central coast gardener, Jackie, recently blogged, “After growing a few of my own vegetables, I’m starting to notice something about the store bought ones….they are kinda boring. All uniform and perfectly shaped, they are. It makes me wonder, what happens to the “nonconformists”? Do they even exist for conventional farmers? If so, what happens to

This one looks like a kindergardener waiting for permission to use the bathroom.

them? Perhaps someone is pulling them off the veggie conveyor belt and tossing them out. I hope not. They make me smile.”

Well, Jackie, there are some nonconforming hippie carrots having a biracial love fest in my garden.  I might as well move to Berkley!

Thinking of growing carrots?  Here’s a little tip from
Soil pH 6.0 to 7.0 – We recommend planting carrots in a raised bed, with the wide row method of planting. Begin to plant 2 weeks before the last spring frost, making additional plantings every 2 to 3 weeks for a continuous harvest all summer long.  Sow the seeds 1/4 inch deep in loose, deeply tilled soil, placing a few seeds 2 inches apart in all directions, in a row 2 to 3 feet wide. Thin your crop to one plant every 2 inches, using scissors to do so. By using scissors, you will not disturb the roots of your remaining carrots.  You can start harvesting baby carrots 35 to 40 days after planting the seeds, and then the remainder of the crop when they are fully mature. To avoid insect problems, a floating row cover may be used, removing only to thin your crop.

Yes, it’s January, which means we planted our carrots totally against season, though we don’t have to worry about frozen ground in Oakland.  Still, they are growing about a 5th the rate of the beets (another root crop) so perhaps we should try again in the Spring for a bigger crop.  Our seeds were donated, but here’s a link to purchase a pack of rainbow carrot seeds online:

Rainbow Blend Carrot – 58-65 DAYS.
Festive Color and Flavor

Unique combination of color and taste sensations! Mix of purple, yellow, red and white carrots are sure to excite and delight at the dinner table—each with their own unique qualities. Purple has smooth skin and coreless orange flesh which is very sweet and tasty—especially striking when sliced. Yellow holds its bright sunny hue inside and out, is extra crunchy and juicy and has a wonderfully refreshing sweet flavor. White is very mild and delicious and Red has very high lycopene levels as well as a crispy texture that is great cooked.

Our mix and match heirloom seeds from Victory Seeds:

Just watch out!  You might find a couple twisted characters snuggling in the corner.  Happy Gardening!


4 Responses to “Twisted Rainbow Carrots”

  1. jackie said

    That is too funny, Betsy! Love the hippie carrots. According to Golden Gate Gardening (book), carrots CAN be seeded successfully in January. I’ll probably sow some very soon, as well. I have St. Valery variety.

  2. […] half a (neighbor’s) lemon, a few stray arugula leaves (Funk Town) and 2 baby carrots (cut up, Funk Town Hippie Carrots).  A dash of salt and a double dash of black pepper.  I set the pot to simmer as low as the flame […]

  3. […] to 5 small to medium beet roots (funk town farm) an equal amount of carrots (funk town hippie baby carrots) 1 small apple (Grand Lake Farmers Market, $0.50/lb) 1/2 a small lemon (neighbor’s tree) 1/4 […]

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