Magazine Farmers Markets

September 28, 2009

Sky Magazine. Delta.
Page 26, September 2009

Excerpt from Article: Farmers Markets.

It doesn’t get more local than this. Here, 10 stellar farmers markets that will help you go green- on your plate and for the Earth

#2 Los Angeles: Referred to as “LA’s Best Grocery Store,” this LA landmark is now celebrating its 75th year. Make sure to stop by Light My Fire, which sells thousands of hot sauces from around the world. Open daily.

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Now, as I have never been to the LA Farmers Market, this post is by no means aiming criticism at this specific farmers market. I am sure it is a fabulous market and I am now more curious to visit next time I’m in the area. However, can we please take a moment to think about what the editor is trying to say? Let me repeat: It doesn’t get more local than this….hot sauces from around the world.


Alright, I realize that Delta’s in-flight magazine is not the NY Times. But since when is anyone allowed to use buzz words and hot topics to attract readers without actually considering their meaning? Oh wait, that’s right, I have a marketing degree, I know the answer to this question.

I have already deleted from this post angry sentences like “Can we please give the American (and international, this is Delta) public the respect of more than two consecutive, consistent statements?” and “No wonder Islamic leaders want to shield their flock from the West.” But I digress, and digress and digress.

Back to the topic at hand,
The pro’s and con’s of buzz words:

Pro: The word “Farmers Markets” is no longer associated exclusively with poverty or socialist Europe.
Con: The word “Farmers Market” is no longer associated exclusively with Farmers.
Pro: Its cool to go to Farmers Markets.
Con: Its cooler to buy touristy stuff at farmers markets a few times a year than to buy locally grown or produced stuff every week.

So, two lessons:
1. Not all things at farmers markets are local.
2. A lot of people still don’t get it.

 And finally, the challenge of the day, anyone in LA got a source for good LOCAL hot sauce?

Thanks for listening!

Signed: A business traveler who misses her farmers market.


2 Responses to “Magazine Farmers Markets”

  1. Jackie said

    Too funny, Betsy! Travis and I recently had the ultimate local dinner. Fried potatoes, green beans, corn and tomatoes – all from my garden.

    • betsyj said

      You two are almost off the grid! I bet it was delicious. Which tomatoes made it into the tomato lady’s dinner that night? 🙂

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