Lunch is Good

August 10, 2009

Summer is for foodies.

Todays Oakland Local Lunch:

1 thick slice of Sourdough Bread, toasted – source – Merritt Bakery (Oakland) ($2.50/loaf)
1 healthy layer of fromage blanc – source – Cow Girl Creamery, (Petaluma, CA)  Grand Lake Farmers Market ($4.50/8oz tub)
1 big slice of heirloom tomato – source – Tomatero Farm, (Watsonville, CA) Grand Lake Farmers market ($3/pound)
2-3 fresh basil leaves – source – back porch herb garden
Salt and pepper to taste.

tomato lunch

Lunch is good.

The last stage of the life cycle of this meal, from vendor to table, is also petrol-free.   If you live in my neighborhood, then you can walk to acquire all of these ingredients.  

Heirloom Tomato
Vine-ripened heirlooms are like no grocery store tomato.  They are fragile, thin skinned, and incredibly juicy.  A bit watery for making tomato sauce, I find they are best savored fresh.  This one was sweet with strong acidity.  Ruby red the whole way through with dark green stripes on the skin.  The reason the tomato sandwich was invented.  

Used like cream cheese, fromage blanc is a staple of the French diet. Because Cowgirl Creamery Fromage Blanc is made with whole milk instead of cream, our fromage blanc contains 30% less fat than cream cheese and about 80% more flavor, making it a favorite with Bay Area restaurant chefs.  (From the Cowgirl Creamery Website)

3 Responses to “Lunch is Good”

  1. welcome to the blogosphere, can’t wait to read more. would like to talk to you about an oakland food project I am working on.
    Best, Susan

  2. Jackie said

    Cowgirl Creamery ROCKS! I love their Red Hawk cheese. $30 a pound well spent! -Jackie

    • betsyj said

      TOTALLY! And their little shop in petaluma is darling, if you ever get the chance to go. You can sit out on the grass and eat ice cream after a cheese tasting.

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